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Government Contract Financing 101 : Securing Growth Capital ( Part 1 of 5)

A recent Federal Reserve study, found that only 50% of small businesses seeking loans in 2010 were approved for credit! Sadly only 30% of those approved for funding received all of the funding they requested! Three to fives times per week, my vice president of government contract lending receives a frantic call from a supplier, […]

New fund enables Subs & Suppliers to improve cash flow & profitability!

Having difficulty securing bank funding to start a lucrative IT project with a financially sound government entity (airport authority, county government, military base, school board, highway project)? 30, 60 , 90 day receivables causing a strain on your cash flow and ability to purchase hardware and make payroll. You’re not alone.  Discover how is […]

Mobilization Financing offers MBE’s start-up capital on government contracts!

Every year 10’s of thousands of  8(a),  Hub Zone and Minority Business Enterprises ( MBE’s)   firms bypass opportunities to bid on lucrative School Board, Department of Defense or Highway projects due to a lack start-up capital to to begin their government contracts.   What many  smaller or emerging firm have failed to realize is that Mobilization Financing, provides […]

Small Ticket Financing enables 8(a) Subcontractors to secure quick capital.

Subcontractors are you paper rich and cash poor?   Are you postponing  new projects  as you wait 30, 60 and 90 days for your great government clients to pay invoices? With your procurement officer seemingly oblivious to the strain they are putting on your cash flow and your long term banker reluctance to loan you money despite  accepting your deposit […]