Purchase Order Financing

You’ve spent your last $50,000 completing a substantial order for your best customer XYZ Bottling. While you make 45% profit on each order it’s difficult to wait 30 to 60 days to receive payment on your invoice.

Bi-Weekly payroll for your 10 employees is rapidly approaching, suppliers are seeking payment prior to sending additional material, XYZ Bottling is so excited about your product their CEO tripled their last order moments ago.

You can’t afford to fund this lucrative purchase order and you can’t afford to lose this very profitable client.

You’re Not Alone! Thousands of small and mid-size firms are caught in this same predicament every day due to a tightening credit market and absence of growth capital.

Supplier Funding Corp is one of the few investment banking firms in today’s economy that specialize in advancing funds so you can accept and fulfill larger more profitable contracts from your government and corporate buyers.

Benefit of PO Financing

· Up to 100% financing on your supplier costs

· Enables you to grow your firm without taking on restrictive debt

· Allows you to take on multiple jobs without tying up your capital

Who is Eligible for PO Financing

· Your firm must be a wholesaler or 3rd party distributors of products

· Your client must be a financially sound / creditworthy government or corporate buyer

· Profit margins should be at least 20%

· You must have a solid track record in the industry

· Payment terms on the PO must not exceed 60 days

How Does PO Financing Work

1.) Your client / buyer issues a purchase order for your product

2.)We verify the credit worthiness of your customer

3.) We issue a letter of credit to your supplier to guarantee payment

4.) Your order is manufactured /delivered to your client / buyer

Delivering The Funding…So You Can Deliver On Your Contracts!