Mobilization Financing

Congratulations! You’ve Won The Bid …

Years of marketing, networking, and responding to RFPs have finally paid off!  In your hand you finally have the government contract that will place your emerging firm on the map.  

As the euphoria settles in you realize you lack the liquidity to deliver on this lucrative government contract.

You’ve tried your local bank, they want to see years of tax returns, phenomenal credit,  along with cash balances equal to your funding  request.   Suppliers are unwilling to advance material and equipment for you to begin this amazing project.  Sound familiar? 

You’re not alone!  Through our Mobilization Financing  Fund we’ve helped hundreds of government suppliers like you  deliver on their contracts and successfully navigate to bigger and better opportunities.

What is Government Mobilization Financing

In short, our Government Mobilization Financing Fund delivers  upward of 10%  of the awarded contract amount to you prior to beginning your project.   ( Yes start up capital! ) 

Mobilization Financing  can be used as follows :

  • Purchase material for the project
  • Hire, and train staff  assigned to the project
  • Acquire equipment essential to delivering on the contract
  • Proceeds are often used to carry payroll for the initial weeks or months of  a project

How does Mobilization Financing work?

  •   Lender provides “upfront financing” to help cover cost of equioment, materials, supplies, and payrolls.
  •  Funding in the form of supplier payment guarantees, letters of credit, and even upfront cash payments.
  •  Invoice payments sent to the lender who deducts the advances making it a self liquidating loan.

 Recent Mobilization Financing Transactions :

  •   A start-up, womean owned construction firm received cash mobilization advance of $79K to help cover upfront costs on an $500K sub-contrct
  • A security firm which had to mobilize 200 people to 9 cities established a $1, miillion financing facility to cover upfront costs for travel, hotels, per diems and payrolls.


                                                    Delivering The Funding…So You Can Deliver On Your Contracts!

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