Small Ticket Factoring

You’ve been nominated supplier of the year at IBX Corp for consistently delivering exceptional service. As a result of this recognition your sales climbed through the roof increasing 45% in just 3 short weeks.

While you have the expertise and capacity to handle this rapid growth, you lack the immediate capital to continue hiring and training new service techs.

You consider bringing on a equity partner, prior to realizing that accounts receivable financing is the solution to your cash flow crunch.

Supplier Funding can purchase your invoices or accounts receivables and provide payment to you in as little as 24 hours.

You’ll be glad to know we’ve recently launched a Small Ticket Factoring Fund that allows emerging government contractors to factor individual invoices as low as $5,000.00.

To make the Small Ticket Factoring more attractive to smaller GSA, HUBZONe, MBE’s and 8(a) contractors we’ve extended the following :


Benefits of Receivable Financing

· Immediate cash to fund payroll

· Rapid capital to fund the growth of your business

· Advance rates as high as 90% of the invoice amount

· Fees as low as 1.5%

· Funding usually within 24 hours after initial due diligence

Receivable Financing Cost

Supplier Funding Corp considers a variety of factors when determining the discount or fees when pricing the purchase of your invoices. Typically, our fees range anywhere from 1.5% to 4%. Critical ingredients in the pricing of invoices include.

· Monthly Sales Volume

· Credit Worthiness of your customers ( business or government clients )

· Average Invoice Size

· Payment Terms

Since invoice financing fee are 100% Tax Deductible, the true cost of receivable financing should be measured in loss revenue and the number of profitable clients turned away due to a lack of immediate capital. ( See how pricing works )

Do You Qualify

Our primary litmus tests is the quality and credit of the business client who purchase your products or services (Corporate or Government Clients Only)

In the past we have funded invoices from clients such as :

· Start- ups that show limited cash flow or profits

· Businesses with IRS Liens

· Entrepreneurs with bruised credit or low fico scores

· No financial statements or tax returns required

In order to be eligible for invoice funding the sale of your product must be final with no contingencies or disputes. In addition the product must be completely delivered in order for an invoice to be eligible for funding.

A typical 30 day invoice price will be 2% to 3%, if the invoice is aged 60 days the fee would go to 4% to 5%.

When compared to the cost of maintaining accounts receivables for 30 days or more, and the administrative expense associated with collections, factoring invoices is a wise alternative to traditional financing from banks.

Following is an example based on a $1,000 invoice:

Face amount of your invoice

Discount (2%)

Reserve Funds held

Cash Advanced (80%)

Customers Payment

Reserve Funds refunded to you less fee

Proceeds retained by SFC (fee)

(Fee is deducted from reserve)

Delivering The Funding…So You Can Deliver On Your Contracts!