Equipment Leasing > 75K

Congratulations you’ve been awarded a sizeable government contract that will increase your monthly sales from $50,000 to $150,000. 

Worried you won’t be able to raise the capital to acquire the software, laptops and vehicles necessary to service this lucrative 5 year contract?

Supplier Funding Corp can customize a lease program for ( restaurants, hotels,  franchisees, software packages, etc. ) that will enable you to quickly secure your equipment and begin servicing your new customers.

Why lease with Supplier Funding

* 100% financing of your new equipment or software

*  Application only ( no financials ) for up to $125,000

*  You can lease anything associated with the operations of your business including all types of capital equipment, hardware and soft costs such as installation and training

*  Up to $50,000 in financing for business start-ups

*  Our unique sale-lease back program will allow you to secure cash on existing equipment you currently own free and clear

   Supplier Funding Corp Delivers Flexible Payments Terms:

Option I.    Step -Up Leases :  allow you to start with low payments that increase over time. 

Option II.  Skip Leases :  allows you to pre-select which you will make lease payment.  This is especially helpful for firms that are extremely seasonal.

Option III.  Deffered Payment : allows firms to withhold payments until a given period. I.E.  3 – 6 months no payment.  Equipment may need to be installed months before a store opens or a firm begins generating revenue. 

Option IV.Master Lease : allows you to be pre-approved for a given amount of equipment funding.   Subsequent equipment acquisitions can be added to the existing lease.

To take immediate advantage of these cash saving lease programs simply call (813) 900-1667  to speak to one of our equipment leasing specialist or E-mail


                                                   Delivering The Funding … So You Can Deliver On Your Contracts!